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TGI Fridays Social

TGI Fridays Social

People are our thing. We couldn’t eat a whole one but we know what makes them tick. And boy does our work for legendary restaurant chain TGI Fridays ooze with people power.

Take a look at Pulse; a corporate social communication platform designed and developed by Octane. So what makes it special? A complete engagement portal, Pulse connects all parts of the business with a rich, community-led experience. Team members can connect and contribute whilst the business gets a daily litmus test on how colleagues are feeling across all locations and roles.

Pulse is built on High Octane, our own unique collaboration platform that offers an integrated approach to delivering custom-made people systems to multi-site businesses. If you’ve got problems with inconsistency, knowledge sharing and learning, communication gaps, or diluted culture then get in touch for a demo…

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