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The WOW with Tragus

“Octane’s engagement vision inspired us as a business. Despite a complex brief with many technical hurdles to overcome, our new portal is helping usher in a more inspiring way of connecting and uniting our staff.”
Christian Bibow, Engagement Manager
How do you connect big brands with distinct personalities in one shared social community? With casual dining such as Cafe Rouge, Strada and Bella Italia in their portfolio, Tragus approached Octane to get colleagues collaborating and communicating better in one feature-rich environment.Our solution is a brand responsive portal – a site that knows who you are, where you’ve come from and what content you want to see. OurSpace247 is a secure platform that connects the entire Tragus estate whilst understanding that a Cafe Rouge world is uniquely different to a Strada one – so it stands to reason that so are their employees. The result? A community where everyone belongs.
Engagement audit. Bespoke Design and Build. National launch. Internal Communications. Ongoing Support.


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