We’re Octane HR solutions; a consultancy dedicated to improving the performance of organisations by developing digital ‘people solutions’ that help customers and colleagues recruit, connect and collaborate.

Using our digital knowhow, creative juice and a love of internal communications we have developed and honed agile software to help improve internal communications and efficiency within the corporate environment.

Octane’s cloud based applicant tracking system, employee engagement platform and intranet solution combines compelling creative ideas with the relevant technical disciplines to deliver high levels of employee and customer engagement.

Our solutions are award winning and we offer clients fresh, flexible thinking unfettered by high operating costs.

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If you’re looking to attract and appoint the right candidates quickly and efficiently, our recruitment solution is the resource you need. An online recruitment, applicant tracking and talent engagement system, our platform uses the latest open source technology and is modular and scalable to meet all your hiring requirements.

The platform leverages genuine employee culture to attract the right profile of new recruits, supported by a flexible, easy to manage ATS for the perfect recruiter and candidate experience

The system caters for every type of corporate recruitment requirement such as high staff turnover, seasonality, permanent, temporary and specialist recruitment, graduates and internal hires.


We understand that as an outlet manager your core job is not recruiting. This means that the system needs to be simple, quick and intuitive to use.

Recruiter journey features:

  • Branded back end
  • Mobile responsive
  • Permission settings to support centralised and decentralised recruitment models
  • Applications sorted by vacancy and recruiter
  • Fully automated SMS and email notifications to candidates
  • Time delayed regret notification
  • Bulk actions and communications for volume recruitment and administration savings
  • Search functionality; name, email address, phone number, role or location
  • Home page notice board
  • Live talent pool to feed your candidate pipeline
  • Process skipping for flexibility
  • Recruiter commentary: share insights on potential candidates for other managers to view
  • Job board integration/administration with Indeed, Caterer, Gumtree
  • Intuitive and easy to use Dashboard:

* Simple and clear view of numbers of applicants at each stages in the process

* Filter candidates by: scores (bespoke scoring system to each process); Process; Locations; Roles; Owners (ability to take ownership of applicants)

*Quick calendar view of events (colour coded)

  • Simple to administer candidates: From all candidate view you can review without moving from the page:

*Filter by score, role, restaurant, owner

*Bulk actions

*Quick Call memo pad

*Popup CV viewer

*View application

*View comments (owner and date and time)

  • From the individual candidate pageApplication progress chart

*Application score

*Current stage instructions, notes and action buttons:

ad hoc communications via – email, SMS or call notes

Flexible progression options (not linear)

Talent pool (email automatically sent to candidate)

*Adding events – simple popup with instructions.

  • Clean simple bespoke reporting

*Variety of bespoke reports – including CSV downloads and graphic charts

*Campaign tracking

  • Easy permission based site administration

*Email templates (HTML mobile responsive branded emails)


*User manager

*Outlet management

*Role management (including permission setting)

  • Vacancies

*Simple dashboard view of vacancies and associated applications

*Creating a vacancy – quick and simple

  • Applications filtered by process or location

Candidate journey features:

  • SMS Job opportunity alert messages – simple to sign up for – no registration required
  • Postcode or store search
  • Create an account function for quick return and progress checking on applications
  • Editable candidate profile page
  • CV & document upload
  • Application form can have brand intros or exits – image or video
  • Individual candidate dashboard showing personal information, application status,
  • interview diary, correspondence history and submitted documents
  • SMS and email notification
  • Social media sharing / send to a friend
  • Mobile adaptive (as adaptive as your website)


  • Multiple application processes
  • Bespoke candidate career portal
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Bespoke features



  • Make cost Savings: Reduce recruitment costs and cost per hire savings
  • Improve time efficiency: Reduce recruitment administration time and reduce the time to hire
  • Streamline recruitment process: Reduce paperwork and improve overall efficiencies
  • Increase the quality of hire: Recruit against brand values to improve retention and productivity
  • Get a competitive edge: Have a pipeline of candidates at your finger tips
  • Improve internal mobility: Don’t let existing talent slip away, exploit the power of internal hiring and protect your investment
  • Improve your employer brand: Share genuine culture and tell the world why you’re a great place to work

Octane’s interactive employee engagement solution improves corporate communication and collaboration. The secure platform uses innovative technology to connect employees across multiple departments or sites in the UK and beyond.

Through a dynamic, relevant, fun and engaging digital channel we can deliver reward, recognition, knowledge sharing, surveys, and training to every single member of staff via mobile, tablet and desktop.

Our platform uses the latest open source technology and is modular, scalable and tailored to meet your cultural and communication needs. If you’re looking to unite staff with a virtual space where they can learn, play and grow, it’s time to build your community with Octane.



  • Authenticated secure login
  • User & group profiles
  • Wall & news feeds to share and collaborate
  • Social feeds (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as standard)
  • Friend and group networks
  • Push notifications
  • Hybrid android* and IPhone app (not native)
  • Direct messaging
  • Rich multimedia content
  • Opinion polls and surveys to gain business insight
  • Events and calendars
  • A rolling news section
  • Reward & recognition (incentivised engagement)
  • A permissions based document library
  • Internal job feed: a feed from ATS
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Optional creative engagement tactics to drive interaction on your platform


  • ‘Glocal’ Communication: Empower your workforce by giving everyone a voice on a common platform. Share business news and hear direct employee feedback. Abolish top down management style communication.
  • Enhance productivity: Engaged employees are often top performers, those committed to ‘going the extra mile’ to achieve business success.
  • Improve staff retention: Retaining good employees is key to the success of every business. Employees who are engaged significantly lower the risk of high staff churn and are more invested in success.
  • Boost employee satisfaction: Research indicates that if employees are engaged with the company, their job satisfaction levels increase. Happy colleagues share their passions, recommending the business to their own network of influencers.
  • Harness Innovation: There is a close relationship between innovation and employee engagement. Engaged employees perform at a higher level and bring passion and interest to their job, demonstrating initiative and exposing opportunities.
  • Create ‘real’ employee ambassadors: Colleagues live the brand and breed positive culture across multiple sites, driving a better customer experience.
  • Extract valuable data: Gain insights through opinion polls and surveys, providing an immediate business litmus test

Octane’s L&D platform can deliver a uniform training programme housed on a robust platform in order to help you ‘train smart’.

Our solution is adaptable and easy to use for both the team member and course manager. Crucially it is expandable and will grow with your needs, offering a variety of learning methodologies and moderation values for different roles and experience levels. Octane’s L&D platform is the perfect tool for use in a fast paced environment, with notifications, private messaging and forum areas all designed to fast track communication across roles and locations.

Where will your L&D sit in your armoury of people ‘tools’? Our platform can stand alone as an independent solution or – if it’s housed as a module within our staff engagement platform – we can offer additional permissions benefits such as single sign-on and pulling training achievements through to an employee’s engagement profile.



  • Personalised dashboard for employee and trainer progress status
  • Courses delivered in multiple learning methodologies
  • Easy course creation
  • Security and privacy: Teach and share in a private space
  • Self-managed or linear course functionality
  • All in one calendar to help keep track of course deadlines, group meetings, and other personal events
  • Notifications about new course invitations, deadlines, private messages and forum posts
  • Direct messaging between manager and employee on course topics
  • Management progress tracking by employee and team
  • Assign markers and manage grade moderation
  • Monthly, quarterly, annual reviews
  • Permissions based learning set via role and seniority
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Easy integration of external applications and content
  • Integrated reward and achievement badges
  • Drag and drop file manager
  • Detailed reporting and logs


Empower your people: Provide fast and effective E learning solutions to every single member of the team

Centralise knowledge: Say goodbye to paper based training and make learning effortless

Be a great place to work and prosper: With an attractive L&D programme you can retain and attract the most ambitious of employees

Total clarity: Enable managers to track team progress in one browser

Save time: Automated responses and pre-programmed grading reduces administration

Consistent standards: Have confidence that your unique training demands are met



  • “We needed to move to an ATS that will support our significant growth plans by connecting us with the right candidates quickly and efficiently. We needed it to be easy for candidates to apply, easy to for managers to process applications; we needed to be able to have the flexibility to do things ‘the Las Iguanas way’. Octane's ATS is intuitive, fast, flexible and cost effective. We’re pleased with the system and in Octane’s dedication and flexibility in making it just right for us”.

    Gwyn Rogers

    Las Iguanas, HR Director
  • "Octane have built a great Intranet for CDG. We have been impressed by how efficient they have been and how quick they are to respond to our requests. They use their own initiative with great effect to deliver innovate solutions to the challenges we put to them. Their platform is flexible and allows them to make changes quickly which is important for our business. All in all Octane have been a pleasure to work with."

    Andrew Walker

    Casual Dinning Group, Managing Director Business Development
  • “Pulse has made a real impact in our efforts to bring the magic back to Friday’s through its culture. Octane’s solution unites people throughout the business whilst acting as a beacon to attract future Friday’s talent. We love it!”

    Karen Forrester

    Managing Director, TGI Fridays



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Las Iguanas ATS

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